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The 3D Workout,
built on research.

Research performed by Maastricht University, department of Kinesiology, has delivered results that speak for themselves. The Carving Balance has strongly, positively differentiated itself in the areas of strength gains and muscular stimulation.

 The Carving Balance supports a variety of different movement patterns and exercises. This ensures continuously challenging and stimulating workouts, which leads to faster results.

Furthermore, the Carving Balance offers various training forms, which seamlessly replace traditional workouts.


What makes

the difference?

Lateral movements are often overlooked in daily activities or exercise patterns. A workout based on lateral movements gives the muscles new stimulus, leading to improved training results.


The addition of vertical and rotational movement comprises a 3D movement pattern unique to the Carving Balance™.

From slimming to

strength training…

With the online Carving workout videos, you will not only achieve your fitness goals in the fastest way possible, you will experience a wide variety of fun, exciting workouts to keep you motivated.

Carving Workout Guide

6 modules / 6 x results



The basic Carving Balance™ movements are introduced. Participants are guided in correct breathing patterns and proper posture. Adherence to musical cadence is used as a motivational method to set the tone for the workout.



Participants experience light to moderate cardiovascular exertion. This module is well-suited to all fitness levels and provides a technique foundation for the next modules. The squat position is introduced as well as hands-free movements to build participants’ confidence on the apparatus.



This module challenges the muscles of the legs, bottom and torso to cope with lactic acid build-up. The result is increased muscular endurance as well as an improved aerobic capacity.



The agility workout trains both participants’ strength and coordination by utilizing up-tempo combinations and directional changes with variable resistance. Movement patterns become more intuitive, leading to greater motor efficiency and increased body awareness.



HIIT training is an intense form of cardiovascular exercise that maximizes time and energy output. The experienced fitness enthusiast will be inspired to push his or her boundaries, while the beginner will learn how to build up tempo and exercise tolerance.



Increased lean muscle mass and fat burning are central themes of this module. Performing movements under medium to high resistance promotes hypertrophy, while a short, yet multifaceted, workout time discourages neuromuscular fatigue and boredom.

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