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“We didn’t take our references from existing fitness-devices;
Instead we aimed to create an empathetic object, that actually makes you fit.”

- Remi van Oers, designer

Training in an inspiring environment gives you energy and delivers results. The Carving Balance enriches every interior and can be customized to suit your personal style.


Choose for the Carving Balance Personal Edition and select a top cover color that appeals to you.


Does robust leather and brushed aluminum fit your personal aesthetic? Then choose the Carving Balance Premium Edition.


Please ask us about the possibilities. We are pleased to be of service.

What is your style?


The Carving Balance is 100% Dutch designed and is composed of laser cut steel, brushed aluminum, robust leather and sustainable oak wood.


The style, character and quality of the Carving Balance ensures poise and beauty, complementing its surroundings. It is truly deserving of its prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Award winning


Statement by the jury:
“The Carving Balance strikes a convincing balance between elegant design and functionality and thus enhances the pleasure of working out.”

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