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Carving Balance™ circle training is the ultimate workout for those who strive to achieve fantastic results with a combination of sports, fun, and social interactions.

In small groups, participants can achieve better condition, improved core stability and strong abdominal, bottom and leg muscles- all in 20 minutes per session. With the six Carving Balance™ workout modules there is plenty of challenge and variety for every type of exerciser. Time flies with energetic music, creative exercise variations and vibrant instruction.

The secret of Carving Balance’s fantastic results lies in the unique and patented Carving movement: no other workout apparatus delivers this 3D range of motion (horizontal, vertical, rotational), which optimally stimulates the muscles.

Carving Balance

Circle training

the new studio experience

More information?

Would you like to know how the Carving Balance Circle training can profitably contribute to your business model? Please request an extensive concept description including a financial model, completely without obligation.

Why it complements
your premium club.

Be unique in your club offerings with this 100% Dutch designed and Dutch produced small group fitness concept.


Be industry-forward and further differentiate your club with a premium ambiance.


Offer a proven effective workout, which is accessible and appealing for a broad target audience.



Create extra profits by increasing client retention and sales possibilities with supplementary membership forms.



Experience support from industry experts in the form of professional workout guides for trainers, educational materials, and a marketing toolkit.



Effectively use available space in your club: Carving Balance™ circle training only requires 20m2 (215.29 square feet) floor space for complete usage.

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